December 14-17

So, fromĀ DecemberĀ 14 to the 17 there is going to be major game play because 1) black ops 2 is out and its a weekend. But not any weekend it is the DOUBLE XP WEEKEND, Yes it is again once here! If you haven’t Prestieged this is you chance!

troll face game

I found out how to beat the troll face game!


First of all, the game begins by Loading very slowly. Then it tells you to press start, but you cannot because there is a troll face in your way. If you try and try it will say Problem? So if you read the Heading where it says “click start to begin” and since the troll face is in your way you must troll the troll, by clicking “start” in the heading(;

Coming to school

Today when I was longboarding to school, it was very chilli. And I also felt my board slip which ment that the roads were slippery at some points. Water was frozen and ice cracked when I rode on it. Then I had arrived at my friends house, it was warm and my face felt relieved from the cold, sooner that I knew it we had to leave. I was in the cold again, but luckely the sun had arrived have way over the mountain. I could yet still feel a breeze of cold air smash into my face from every step I took to school. My other friend complained how every day it is so cold and he wishes that the sun would come out once again, the other friend complained how Big White has so much snow, and we have none. They looked opposites of each other when it come to liking weather. I had no problem really other than taking a shower and sprinting out of the house, that was my only regret. Finally we arrived to school and I went to my woodwork class to give my longboard to the teacher so I can keep it there after my english class.